About Us

We are a New Zealand family of five: Rob (51+), Rachel (21ish), Finn (21), Declan (19), Ivan (16) attempting to circumnavigate this gorgeous planet by sail boat. We have taken our children out of school to educate outside the classroom and learn from nature and new cultures.

We have been living aboard for nearly three years and have many miles and incredible experiences under our belts. And we’ve only begun to scratch the surface with plenty more to explore. We hope to inspire others to explore different ways to live and educate while having a truckload of fun along the way.

From the beginning...

Meet the Crew

Rob - 51+

Once was competitive for real, now competitive in spirit. Is taller than Rachel and, needless to say, Ivan (and always will be). Rob won world rowing championship silver and competed at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. The following year he teamed up with Phil Stubbs to win the inaugural Atlantic Rowing Race crossing from Tenerife (Canary Islands) to Barbados 41 days 2 hours 55 minutes. He is now very good at being taller than Ivan (have we mentioned that already?)

Rachel - 21-ish

Rachel spent her teenage years as a competitive swimmer which developed into triathlon. At 41 she became a double world age group champion in triathlon and aquathon. Rachel trained in England as a physiotherapist before moving to New Zealand in 2001. She would like to point out that Rob is not the only one in the family to go to the Olympics. She attended the 1992 Barcelona Olympics as a spectator!

Finn – 21

A talented rower Finn left the boat (cue Mum tears) in December 2019 to pursue his passion.  He is presently a member of the New Zealand under 21 rowing team.  Finn has his sights set on the 2024 Paris Olympics.  He hopes to drop in to see us from time to time.  Finn also enjoys kite boarding, scuba diving and hugging his parents especially his father (cue Mum tears).

Declan – 19

Affectionately referred to as the EMC (expendable middle child) Declan is a wonderfully helpful member of the family (unlike Ivan and Finn who Declan says are useless).  If a job is difficult, distasteful or downright dangerous then the EMC is called upon to take one for the team.  Declan does it all with the good humour.  He enjoys kite boarding, free diving, surfing and he is for SCUBA!  

Ivan – 16

Ivan was born happy, laughing in his sleepy at only two weeks old. Prone to regular moments of comedy genius Ivan has always been a social butterfly despite never going to school. Ivan is a keen photographer and enjoys scootering, kite boarding, scuba diving and attempting (but failing) to be taller than his father.